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Outsmarting the old fax.

For many businesses, fax services are an important and integral part of their communication network. At Voice Ring, we’ve developed a way to make faxing more efficient – Internet Fax services.

Here’s how we do it: First, we’ll install an analog telephone adapter for your fax machine to bring digital features to basic faxing functionality. Then we’ll connect a regular analog fax line into the analog telephone adapter, allowing for our Internet Fax service.

While the original fax machine retains all basic fax capabilities and drawbacks, the service now provides the added capability to manage uploaded email files that can be sent to other fax machines, and to receive faxes as email files rather than a paper product.


Our Internet Fax service is extremely flexible and allows you to design your service to match the way you manage your business. For example, you may simply connect your existing fax machine to our designated line and continue to send and receive faxes as you’ve done in the past.

Or, for incoming faxes, you can receive all your faxes electronically in your e-mail inbox. This saves printing time, paper and ink, and allows you to organize your faxes as you choose. Paper jams and other maintenance issues will no longer cause your important fax to disappear!

Or, if you prefer not to use the machine to send a fax, Voice Ring can integrate the option to send your faxes electronically through your computer.

Voice Ring Internet Fax service provides a security feature that many of our customers enjoy. Specific fax numbers can be established based on different needs for confidentiality to ensure that private, information is delivered to the authorized recipient. For example, private monetary and billing faxes can be sent to one specific number, which designates one email account and ensures that this confidential information does not sit on a fax machine until picked up.

Features Include:

  • Keep your existing fax number Continue using your existing fax number or allow us to provide new number(s) for you. Frequently, new numbers are added to ensure confidential treatment for received faxes. This ensures that the fax goes directly to the proper recipient rather than sitting on a public fax machine.
  • Keep your existing fax machine Continue using your existing fax machine by using an adapter that’s designed to send and receive faxes over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines.
  • Receive faxes in email Inbound faxes can be sent directly to your email account instead of your fax machine. After the fax file is in your email, it’s easy to forward the content to others in your network, which is particularly helpful when you’re out of the office.
  • Send a fax file Upload a .pdf file that contains your fax content to the phone system and send it as a fax to another fax machine. You will no longer have to print the file to physically send it from your fax machine. This is truly a way to save time, paper, and money.
  • Add a fax service to other services Want to add an Internet Fax service plan to another Voice Ring plan? Simple! A variety of customized Internet Fax service plans are available and can be combined with any other Voice Ring service.

our customers agree

“We are a high-energy diagnostic lab working solely with diagnostic images. We receive over 100 faxes a day that need to be attached to our customer records. As part of a green effort, we switched from scanning the printed faxes to using the ‘fax to email’ feature from Voice Ring. This saves paper, ink, and wear on our printers, not to mention the additional labor hours that scanning caused.”

— Cyrus Diagnostic

Fax to email

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