Success Stories

Isaac’s Deli

Multiple locations and web ordering

“Using the web, our customers create to-go orders which are then printed at the location that will fulfill the online order. Because orders typically arrive at peak business times, our phones are set to notify an employee that a new order is waiting on the printer as soon as it arrives. It has made us more efficient and has increased customer satisfaction.”

Conestoga Log Cabins

Emergency line

“Our customers build log cabin kits that are assembled on-site by others.  Construction questions need to be answered quickly even when they occur after our normal business hours. Voice Ring’s ‘auto attendant’ feature has an after-hours option that calls the person assigned to after-hours support to answer the question and get the construction crews back to work.”

Steven Barcus Law Office

Works remotely from home

“When not in the office, Steven works both from home and his beach condo. No matter which location he’s working from, his Voice Ring phone works as though he’s at the office. Call transfers between Steven and his employees are completely transparent. His wife enjoys being able to call him with just the 2-digit extension.”

Cope Company Salt

Owner has multiple businesses

“The owner’s phones have buttons assigned to specific companies. When he makes calls, he selects the button of the company he’s calling from, so the caller ID has the correct telephone number and name. He has phones at each company, so no matter where he’s located, his phone has a light to notify him when he has a voicemail for a specific company.”

Crystal Lake Chiropractic

Multiple businesses and remote working environments

“The receptionist at Crystal Lake Chiropractic answers phones for three different businesses, with the staff working from the main office and from their homes/virtual offices. When answering a call, Voice Ring ensures that she is told which business the call is for by the ‘whisper’ feature. She can then use the proper business greeting. When she transfers the call, she will transfer to the recipient’s extension.  The employee’s physical location doesn’t matter because the ‘Find Me’ feature will use the extension number to transfer to the proper office, home, or cell phone…”

Star Fuels

Multiple locations with temporary locations

“Star Fuels is a broker for different types of fuels and the sale of these fuels must move quickly in a volatile market.  When a new opportunity for sales arrives, brokers must have an immediate communications set-up.  They quickly establish offices with modified configurations and existing equipment to take advantage of all opportunities.  The nature of this business does not require all brokers to have a fixed office but it does require that all services are moved and available at the proper location.”

Full Circle Solutions Group

After-hours support line

“The ‘auto attendant’ has an option for support; and if it is after hours, the voicemail system will call a list of numbers to find someone assigned to handle the support item.”

Banana Cove Marina

Needed phone and Internet in outbuilding

“Banana Cove Marina needed phone service and Internet in a building that had no wires running to it. To solve the issue, Voice Ring installed point-to-point wireless radios that extended phone and Internet service to the building. They were up and running without any wires in just a few hours.”


Specialized phone services

“The financial, medical and legal businesses are regulated to protect customer confidentiality and Portnexus provides services to address these market needs. The company has dictation services that use smart phones; however, for traditional phones Voice Ring servers hosts these applications. For customers who need all cell phone calls recorded, Voice Ring provides a network point in the middle that captures the call securely and stores the encrypted audio on secure servers.”

PA Online

PA Online

“PA Online is an ISP that was moving their headquarters, which included their call center. They couldn’t afford to have their call center down while they moved. As an existing Voice Ring customer, we gave them advice on how to handle the relocation. On the day of the move, the first call center person unplugged their PC and Voice Ring phone, drove to the new location, and then simply plugged both back in. When both were operational in a matter of minutes, the next person moved, then the next, and the next. By the end of the day, all call center people moved without missing a call or disrupting service to their customers.”

Berlanco Insurance Agency

Berlanco Insurance Agency

“Berlanco Insurance Agency is in a small local telephone area. Their monthly phone cost continued to increase. The challenge was that they wanted to lower their monthly bill, but protect their investment for their new phones. Voice Ring came in to analyze the situation and lowered their cost by providing our Digital Phone service connected to their existing PBX system.”

Authentic Bed and Breakfasts of Lancaster County

Portal use and cost savings

“The company needed an easy way to change the location where their toll free numbers were ringing. Voice Ring provided the organization with portal access that allowed them to put in any number in the follow-me; so at any time they have the ability to change where the toll free number rings.”

Eaton Financial

CRM integration and click to dial

“Eaton Financial has a web based CRM that’s integrated with Voice Ring digital services. When an agent answers a call from a customer, they are able to quickly click a button on their screen to reveal the customer’s database information. This step does not disrupt any current activity on the screen and gives the agent access to a wealth of information designed to increase customer satisfaction. Agents can also use the click-to-dial feature when they want to contact customers, saving time and mis-dials.”

Ralex Business Services

Purchased multiple companies and combined into one

“Ralex purchased multiple companies with the intent to integrate them into one main company. The transition takes time, but thanks to Voice Ring, the communication crossover was seamless. Ralex ported the numbers to Voice Ring and installed IP Phones. Moving people, their computers, and their phones was a simple unplug and plug-in transition. The employees who stayed in original locations used the services of the main office thanks to Voice Ring. Transferring calls between the locations was a breeze and allows a single receptionist to answer calls for multiple locations.”