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Wondering if a Virtual KEY phone system with digital phones is right for your business? Let our experts help you decide. Following the model for existing hardware KEY systems, our Virtual KEY phone system uses one phone line per button on the phone. Therefore, the number of concurrent calls allowed is based on the number of line buttons on the phone.

Similar to all our services, setup of the Virtual KEY phone system is simple. We’ll come in and install IP phones using your LAN (Internet/Ethernet) connection in the same way that your computer operates on it. We’ll also include a voice-quality router to ensure phone quality and to provide diagnostic capabilities

One of our customers’ favorite features of our Virtual KEY phone system is mobility. These phones can be carried to any another location—even your home—and they’ll work just like they would normally at your office. Simply plug it in and start connecting instantly!

There are plenty of reasons why our Virtual KEY Phone System may be right for your business!

Through the convenience of cloud technology, our Virtual KEY phone system provides complex call handling features that your business needs to remain competitive and clutter free. It’s a great solution for small to medium-size businesses since it allows the company to buy the lines that it will actually need and use rather than buying a line for each office phone.

Features Include:

  • Keep your existing business numbers Continue using your existing telephone number, or get new local, toll-free, or virtual numbers. And because Voice Ring is not limited by building, city, or state dialing restrictions, you can take that number wherever you go!
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling Enjoy unlimited calling to phone numbers within the continental U.S. and Canada. Call whomever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want, for one flat rate each month.
  • Affordable international plans Optional customized low-rate international calling plans are available. A friendly, knowledgeable Voice Ring consultant will work with you to design the best calling plan for your business.
  • Voicemail We unify your company under one voicemail system regardless of how many geographic locations are involved. Each mailbox is password-protected and is accessible from any phone nationwide. Messages can be listened to, deleted, or forwarded to other mailboxes within the system.
  • Caller ID Our Virtual KEY phone system allows you to select what will be displayed as the caller-ID for calls made from your phone system. You may choose to display your company’s main phone number or any of the assigned DID(s). All calls will have caller-ID that meets your business needs, and call recipients will never see rollover line caller-IDs again.
  • Find me/Follow me Have your phone calls routed to your cell phone, home phone, or other office extensions, using a secure web-based admin feature. You can also have your calls ring a sequential list of phone numbers or multiple phones simultaneously before going to voicemail.
  • Three-way Calling This features allows you to easily add a third party into the conversation without any advanced setup, no matter if the parties are at an internal extension number or an external phone number.
  • Caller Name This is a standard feature. Unlike many companies that charge for it, we simply give it to you—for free. It allows you to easily determine who’s calling versus only seeing a phone number in the caller-ID.
  • Do not Disturb The DND button on your desktop telephone can be used when you don’t want distractions. This feature sends all calls directly to voicemail without ringing your phone. A message light lets you know when you have new messages.
  • Music and Messages on Hold Music can be a very powerful sales tool. Allow your valued callers to listen to soothing music, or pre-recorded product and company information, while on hold instead of sitting in uncomfortable silence.
  • Paging Single and group paging replaces the need for office intercoms and PA systems. In a single mode, the system acts like an intercom, allowing the recipient to respond hands free. Paging allows you to broadcast to multiple phones without a response. If you already have an intercom or a PA system, we can fully integrate with it.
  • Conference Bridge All callers on deck! The conference bridge allows for 10 inside and outside callers to be a part of one main conversation. Each party dials into a special extension or phone number that “bridges” all the lines together so that everyone can talk to each other at the same time.
  • Voicemail on Busy Never allow your customers to hear a busy signal while all your lines are in use thanks to our powerful voicemail box feature.
  • E911 Support A physical address is designated for each extension in support of 911 calls, so police or fire and rescue services know exactly where to find you during an emergency.

our customers agree

“We had an existing KEY system in place, but wanted to save money and increase efficiency.  To reach our goals, we started with Voice-Ring’s Digital Phone service connected to our KEY system. Later, the KEY system hardware began to degrade, so we replaced the KEY system with Voice Ring IP phones and the Virtual KEY service. Business has never been better or the technology easier.”

— Dr. Wesley Davis, DDS

Transitioned from KEY system to the cloud

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